And as if to add an exclamation point to its unmistakable pro-union stance, the NLRB filed suit against Starbucks alleging the company was guilty of unfair labor practices in the firing of 3 former employees. The NLRB Phoenix regional office filed the action in US District Court alleging that Starbucks illegally retaliated against three of four leaders of the union organizing committee in Arizona by disciplining and terminating one, constructively discharging another and placing the third on an unpaid leave. The complaint asks the court to grant injunctive relief to the employees as well as to expunge any discipline from their employment records, immediately reinstate them and distribute the court’s decision throughout the company. And finally, unionizing efforts continue at Starbucks stores around the country with the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in the company hometown of Seattle being one of the latest to vote in favor of unionizing. Workers there voted 38-27 last week in favor of unionization, just as workers at the Reserve Roastery in New York City did earlier this month. There are currently over 225 union election petitions pending from Starbucks stores at NLRB.