The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) this week proposed yet another change to the legal parameters governing union elections, continuing to refine that process. The major change published in the Federal Register this week would eliminate the requirement that employers provide available personal email addresses and telephone numbers of all eligible voters during a union election. The goal of the new policy is to promote employee privacy and protect employees from harassment or intimidation efforts in the election process. In its proposed rulemaking, the Board also recommends provision of absentee ballots for employees who are on military leave. The public comment period is now open on the two proposed changes but comments must be submitted by September 29, 2020 – either by mail, hand-delivery or electronically to In other NLRB news, the US Senate confirmed the nomination of two individuals for additional terms on the Board earlier this week. On a party line vote of 52 – 46, the Senate on Wednesday approved another 5-year term for current member and republican appointee Marvin Kaplan and shortly thereafter, voted 53-42 to approve Lauren McFerran as a democratic member for a new 5-year term.