Pregnant or not, they’ll be no reasonable accommodation that costs Massachusetts its tax dollar! The state’s House of Representatives rejected the idea of a permanent weekend tax holiday when they passed and sent the Fiscal Year 2018 budget to the Senate. Representatives rejected a proposal to forego the sales tax every year on the third Saturday & Sunday of August sending it for further “study”. Likewise, a separate budget proposal would have exempted the week of March 22 annually from imposition of the state meals tax. But, adding a new tax in the Bay State is a fine idea to some of its elected officials. This week, there was a briefing held to discuss the possibility of imposing a new soda tax on ‘sugary drinks’ that contain an ‘excessive’ number of sugars. A proposal being floated would add a 1-cent per ounce tax on those with 5 – 19 grams of sugar while beverages with 20 or more grams would be hit with 2-cents per ounce! Although not likely to pass anytime soon, the soda tax will continue to surface in the state.