Despite another hearing having been held this week in the federal court in DC, there is no further clarification on the final deadline for submission of pay data in the court challenge brought by advocates. The court this week admonished EEOC for not having their act together and for removing the requirement completely earlier this year, but stopped short of ordering the earlier deadline of May 31 as requested by the plaintiffs. Instead, the court has allowed the proposed deadline of September 30 to remain in place pending the submission of final formal briefs by both sides on Monday, April 22. The information required within the EEO-1 report was expanded in 2016 by the Obama Administration Office of Management & Budget, but that decision was reversed by OMB under President Trump, prompting the initial lawsuit. In response, the court granted summary judgement to the plaintiffs in early March and stayed the OMB reversal. At this juncture, the EEO-1 report for Component-1 information is still required by May 31, 2019, while Component – 2 (expanded information on race, ethnicity and gender), has been postponed until September 30 unless the court rules otherwise. There’s likely much more to come on this issue and we will keep you posted.