The Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service this week put an end to any further speculation that the government may delay again the July 15 due date for filing 2019 tax returns and payment of 2019 taxes owed. The IRS will not further extend the tax filing and payment deadline past July 15, despite some calls to do so, the agency said this week. There was much speculation that the date would be pushed off again after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin last week responded that a further extension was “something we might consider”. With the IRS/Treasury announcement on Tuesday, that prospect is now completely off the table. Those who have yet to file 2019 tax returns must do so by July 15. Individual taxpayers who need more time to file their tax returns may apply for an automatic extension to October 15, but that postponement would only be for time to file, not the payment for taxes owed which would still be due in two weeks, on July 15th.