Last week we reported on the Senate blocking the so-called skinny bill, which would have provided some refunding the PPP and limited liability protection for businesses and health care providers along with some school funding. Well, despite some political rhetoric to the contrary, there is very little, if any, movement in Congress and it is questionable whether or not we’ll see any additional relief legislation passed before the election. That said however, there is a $1.5 trillion compromise bill, drafted by Reps. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) and Tom Reed (R-NY), co-chairmen of the “Problem Solvers Caucus”! Who knew there were any problem solvers in Congress?  This compromise was designed for a six-month window and includes both new money and reallocation of unspent CARES Act funding. It would address key areas of need including direct stimulus payments to individuals, COVID-19 testing, enhanced unemployment benefits, small business loans, schools, election support, U.S. Postal Service and state and local aid. Despite the effort, it is unlikely that the proposal will get much consideration on Capitol Hill.