We’re delighted with the program we’ve pulled together for the 2019 Northeast Regional DDIFO Meeting on April 23, 2019 at the Sheraton Needham Hotel in Needham, Massachusetts. As more of the NextGen stores come off the drawing board and are brought to fruition, there’s that much more information that Dunkin’ franchise owners should be aware of. In presenting The NextGen Store – From Staffing to Finance and Beyond, we’ll have Attorney Dan Field of the Boston law firm of Morgan Brown & Joy ready to talk you through the new employment requirements that franchisees (and all small business owners) have to contend with on a regular basis in staffing up your business. We’ll also have Sharon Soltero, Pacific Premier Bank Franchise Capital 1st Vice President for Franchise Relations & Marketing, take you on a financing journey so you’ll be prepared and ready for every financial nuance you encounter with your NextGen development. And, to lighten it up a bit, we’ll also have the Emmy Award Winning host of the nightly newsmagazine Chronicle, Anthony Everett, speak to us on a host of broader media issues and concerns. This is always a great program and this year is no exception! Mark your calendar now for the Northeast DDIFO Regional Meeting, The NextGen Store – From Staffing to Finance and Beyond. The announcement flier and registration materials will be out next week!