In the wake of the drumbeats of alleged sexual abuses and harassment of women by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and Amazon Prime Videos executive Roy Price, we noted that SEIU, the labor organization self-described as “united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers” suspended Executive Vice President Scott Courtney over nepotism charges. Now that struck us as a peculiar violation, so we read a bit more about it, and it seems the nepotism connection is really related to allegations that Courtney, one of the lead architects of the Fight for $15 minimum wage campaign, had a number of sexual relationships with female staffers who were subsequently promoted within the labor giant. SEIU National President Mary Kay Henry advised in an email to SEIU staff that questions were raised about Courtney “relating to a romantic relationship between a staff person and a supervisor. Such relationships are governed by our union’s ethical code and anti-nepotism policy.” Apparently, as a result of those questions, the recently-married Courtney was suspended indefinitely from the organization “dedicated . . . to creating a more just and humane society”!