The first steps in the National Restaurant Association challenge to the New York $15 fast food minimum wage were taken last week as oral arguments were presented before the Industrial Board of Appeals.  The NRA is challenging the $15 fast food minimum on several grounds, notably that the decision to apply the increase to “a sliver of a slice of a segment of a subsection of an industry” is unprecedented, that the wage board as formed by the Governor did not include representatives of the industry and that there was no analysis by the board before establishing a threshold of 30 locations to determine the applicability of the wage for some businesses and not others, thereby discriminating against some of the workers doing the same job at businesses with fewer locations.  The Industrial Board of Appeals is an administrative panel within the state Department of Labor that authorized the $15 wage, so it’s a fairly safe bet that they will dismiss the challenge – the deadline for their decision is December 10.  Notwithstanding, there’s much more to come as this challenge works its way through the legal process.