The Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) Top 100 Report for 2016 is out and it provides some additional information on Dunkin and its peers.  DDIFO restaurant analyst John Gordon of Pacific Management Consulting Group advised us that NRN estimated the per store DD sales (AUV) at $923,000 (2015 numbers), up 1.4% versus 2014 and + 2.6% against 2013. While pretty flat, it was right at the NRN Top 100 group average growth over the same time period. This $923,000 value is an estimated blend of drive thru, inline and non-traditional shops.  For comparison, Starbucks AUV was up 15% while Krispy Kreme was down 2.4% over the same two-year period. Tim’s, Peets and Caribou are not listed. However, the foodservice portion of WAWA, Sheetz and Casey’s are listed, and as a group, are up 16% over the two year period.  WAWA has the highest per store average at $2.3 million but this includes other food and snacks.