New York Mayor Bill de Blasio yesterday signed into law a package of 11 different bills targeting harassment and other workplace issues. The package, known as the “Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act”, includes a mandate for employers with 15 or more employees to conduct an anti-sexual harassment training program on an annual basis and post an anti-sexual harassment rights and responsibility poster from the Commission on Human Rights. The city-specific legislation comes on the heels of new statewide requirements adopted as part of the New York state budget that are effective July 1 prohibit non-disclosure agreements relating to sexual harassment settlements as well as mandatory arbitration clauses for claims of workplace sexual harassment. Further, all employers in the state will be required to adopt or establish a sexual harassment prevention guide and policy that meets minimum standards effective October 9 of this year. The New York City package becomes effective next April 1 – April Fool’s Day – 2019.