obamacare-logo_fullThe Wall Street Journal opined this week on the impact on budgeting for 2015 that potential Obama Care fines are having on businesses.  Direct from the WSJ, “As companies nationwide begin to set up budgets for 2015, one line item seems to be a problem for some companies – fines related to the Affordable Care Act.  If you remember, companies that employ at least 100 people will start taking on fines in 2015.  Now, it seems that companies are looking to insurance brokers-slash-law experts to find ways to avoid the fines and keep costs down.  One popular option seems to be enrolling employees in Medicaid, and why not, since the federal and state governments kick in on that.  Another option is the “skinny” plan, which has nothing to do with your waistline and everything to do with the amount of coverage, and cost.  As it stands, it doesn’t seem like either option is illegal.  So, buckle up and prepare for another debate of “the letter of the law” versus the “spirit of the law.”