As had been expected, earlier this week, President Obama vetoed a bill sent him by Congress invoking the Congressional Review Act, whereby Congress expressed its disapproval of the “ambush election rules” from the National Labor Relations Board and through which it sought to rescind them.  The bill passed both branches with less than the 2/3 majority needed to override the President’s veto, hence the “ambush election” rules will be allowed to take full effect as scheduled on April 14, 2015 unless they are overturned by pending litigation.  In preparation for the full implementation of these egregious regulations, the NLRB has begun training their staff on the intricacies of the new regulations – but they’ve conducted official training classes at the New York City offices of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)!  Remember, the National Labor Relations Act created the Board to be an impartial arbiter charged with ensuring fair and balanced application of the nation’s labor laws.  How’s that impartiality working out??  Members are well-advised to stay on top of this issue.