As we told you several weeks ago, the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) yesterday began paying out an aggregate $5 billion to employers across the Buck-Eye state. Over 178,000 employers will receive the dividends, which come from the surplus in the state workers compensation fund, a result of closings caused by the COVID pandemic significantly reducing the number of workplace compensation claims filed in 2019. This is the third time since the coronavirus hit in March that the BWC has made a payment to employers. Thus far, payments have totaled almost $8 billion. At the same time, a handful of republican state representatives are engaging in a lifeboat shootout of sorts, as they filed articles of impeachment last week against Republican Governor Mike DeWine for imposing what they called illegal COVID restriction on Ohio businesses and residents. As of this point in time, the Ohio Speaker of the House has refused to take up the impeachment articles. As with Congress, for an impeachment effort to succeed, a majority of the house of representatives must approve the articles and two-thirds of the state senate must vote to convict. For his part, Governor DeWine has brushed off the effort thus far.