It is a completely different story out in the Buckeye state as the Ohio House of Representatives has already passed a measure that would block the city of Cleveland (and other cities throughout the state) from voting on a ballot initiative to create a $15/hour minimum wage within Cleveland.  That minimum wage ballot initiative, pushed by SEIU and their Fight for $15, is scheduled for a vote on May 2, 2017 and in response, elected officials in Cleveland asked the legislature to block the ballot measure from moving forward.  The House quickly complied with their request, attaching the prohibition to an unrelated bill, approving it and then sending it to the Senate for their concurrence.  Previously, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine issued a formal ruling that Ohio municipalities lack the legal authority to establish separate minimum wages, and the House proposes they are just codifying that opinion. The current Ohio legislative session expires on December 31, so expect quick action moving forward if it is to pass.