Concluding a long two-decade endeavor by Ohio business interests, Governor Mike DeWine this week signed House Bill 352 into law in the Buckeye State. The legislation, which has been strongly pushed for years by the defense bar as well as business advocates, reduces the statute of limitation on complaints of discrimination within the workplace. Previously, an aggrieved employee had to initiate a legal action within six years of the alleged discrimination taking place. Now, by the new standard, an employment discrimination lawsuit must be brought within two years of the alleged illegal discrimination. Furthermore, the aggrieved party must exhaust their administrative remedies before beginning a court action over the matter. In that regard, they must first file a grievance with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission before they can initiate the workplace discrimination lawsuit. Finally, the law excludes managers, supervisors and employees from personal liability for employment discrimination unless they’re personally accused of retaliation or of obstructing compliance with the civil rights law.