A constitutional amendment pending in Ohio moved two notches closer to the ballot this week as Attorney General David Yost approved the summary language of the proposal and state election officials certified the initial 1,000 voter signatures.  As we advised just last week, the “Raise the Wage Ohio Amendment” would increase the current $8.70 state minimum wage to $9.60 in 2021 and then incrementally each year thereafter until it reached $13 per hour in 2025. To continue the march for the ballot in November, proponents will next have to secure a determination by the Ohio Ballot Board, chaired by Secretary of State Frank LaRose, that the proposal contains only one issue and assuming that happens, they would then need to collect 442,958 certified voter signatures by July 1st. The primary advocates are labor unions – Ohio chapter 1199 of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Ohio teachers union.