Zealots in the Obama Department of Labor and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) may indeed be looking at the last few weeks of life for their litany of pro-labor and anti-business regulations (the overtime rule, the persuader rule, the expanded joint-employer definition, and others), as it appears CKE Restaurant CEO Andy Puzder is poised to become Secretary of Labor in the upcoming Trump administration.  Puzder has been a vocal opponent of many of the regulatory stretches by the Obama administration and his appointment to the post would all but guarantee a quick undoing of some of the more egregious regulatory changes made by the Department of Labor over the past eight years.  Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune and a host of other media outlets were all reporting that Puzder’s appointment was imminent. If the reports hold true, we want to congratulate Andy on his nomination and President-elect Trump on an outstanding selection for the new Secretary of Labor!