The so-called Fight for 15, being directed, financed and staffed by labor union SEIU, is predicated on selling the notion that in every nook and cranny of the nation, a minimum wage of $15 is necessary for employees to attain a “livable wage”.  In Websters online dictionary, the “living wage” is generally defined as an amount of money paid for a job that is large enough to provide the employee with the basic things (such as food and shelter) needed to live an acceptable life.  SEIU has succeeded in getting the general public to view the “living wage” as a ‘right’ that attaches to working full-time, regardless of the skill level of the job being performed and that it should be viewed exclusive of government assistance programs.  We thought this story with the living wage identified by state on a map of the US was helpful to understanding the geographic nuances of the ‘cost of living’.   Notwithstanding, SEIU and $15 wage advocates were planning to protest at McDonalds Headquarters yesterday and disrupt the company’s annual shareholders meeting.