With pandemic issues swirling around countless minimum wage ihke proposals, we could almost forget about the need for Fair Franchising Legislation in so many states around the country – but we haven’t forgotten. In fact, the Oregon legislature will hold a public hearing next Wednesday, February 17 – via Zoom, of course – on House Bill 2496, An Act Relating to Required Conduct of Parties to a Franchise Agreement. The proposal includes many of the specific provisions first drafted up by the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) when it authored the Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights almost a decade ago. Specifically, HB 2496 includes favorable provisions regarding freedom of association, good faith and fair dealing; equity and property rights protections as well as others providing for the fair sourcing of goods & services; the right to transfer and the full disclosure of fees paid to a franchisor. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, more information on the logistics of the meeting is not yet available, but former CFA Chairman and Subway franchisee Keith Miller will be attending the meeting and testifying on behalf of the legislation.