Apparently the republican senators who left the state of Oregon to deny the democratic majority a quorum two weeks ago, returned too early to their legislative posts as the Oregon Senate passed HB 2005 and sent it to the Governor. The legislation creates a state insurance fund that will provide workers with 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave to deal with family, medical or domestic violence issues. The proposal, which Governor Kate Brown is expected to sign into law, requires contributions (split 60-40 with employees) from all businesses with more than 25 employees and will pay lower wage workers on family or medical leave (those earning 65% or less of the Oregon average weekly wage) 100% wage replacement. Additionally, women with complications related to pregnancy are granted an additional two weeks beyond the 12 available to all workers. If, or perhaps, when the bill is signed into law, Oregon will become the 8th state to approve a paid family and medical leave law.