Last week, we reported separately on an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidance as well as one from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) relating safety inspections/reports and reopening guidance respectively.  In our rush to get the most timely information out to our readers, we didn’t connect the two issues as clearly as we should have. A closer look at the joint guidance the two agencies issued on May 12 however provides the need for further clarity and emphasis. Normally, OSHA directives involve the manufacturing and/or construction industries, but in the context of COVID-19, worker safety across all industries is paramount. In that vein, the OSHA/CDC guidance calls for all employers to have a detailed COVID-19 plan which should identify a coordinator for each of their workplaces. It also calls for the plan to include the company’s plan to implement: basic infection prevention measures; policies & procedures for identifying sick individuals; policies on workplace flexibility including paid and unpaid leave; as well as return to work policies in compliance with CDC guidelines and controls to reduce risks of infection. Development of the workplace COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan should be done in consultation with legal counsel.