Continuing their efforts at a rebound under CEO Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s recently announced a couple of new test ongoing in different markets around the footprint.  Notwithstanding concerns over obesity by many politicians, the Golden Arches have begun testing all-you-can-eat-fries along with a self-serve ordering kiosk at a St. Joseph, Missouri store.  In 2015, the company announced plans to introduce up to 2,000 kiosks at stores around the country, largely in response to minimum wages hikes.  As to the all-you-can-eat fries, they will be delivered as part of an experimental table service with a push-button kiosk.  In a separate announcement, the company publicized plans for the Central Ohio and Dallas/Fort Worth markets to test both a Grande Mac and a Mac Jr., bigger and smaller versions of the Big Mac.  Obesity be damned!  Things aren‘t getting any easier for Chipotle – first it was the E. coli outbreak last fall, then a rash of norovirus at a number of their stores, followed by a steep drop in their stock price.  Now, with the annual stockholders meeting coming up on May 11, one of the Denver chain’s largest investors is clamoring for a board shake-up.  CtW Investment Group is pushing stockholders to reject two board members up for re-election saying the company needs “genuinely independent oversight now more than ever.”  They also lamented the current boards’ “shocking dearth of racial and gender diversity.”