Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont last week issued an Executive Order that creates a rebuttable presumption in the Nutmeg State that any employee who contracts the COVID-19 virus likely did so in their workplace. In such an instance, the employer has every right to deny the worker’s claim however under the language of EO 7JJJ, the burden of proof rests with the employer to “prove the negative”. Despite the challenges that all businesses are facing from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf thinks this is a swell environment within which to raise the state minimum wage. Granted the state wage is low compared to other northeastern states, capped at the same $7.25/hour as the federal government minimum, but is now the best time to force higher labor costs onto business owners? Regardless, Wolf urged the legislature to raise the state minimum now, alleging that many essential workers are “earning poverty wages” and lamenting that 29 states currently have a higher minimum wage than the Keystone State. And finally, we don’t know what damage may be coming from the Massachusetts state house over the next five months, but the legislature formally voted to extend its legislative session through the end of this calendar year. The General Court in Massachusetts ends its legislative session on July 31 in even numbered years, but this year decided it would need an additional 5 months to manage pandemic issues so the session now will not end until December 31. The senate will also extend and now there’s plenty of time to do a great deal of damage!