We tend to focus much of our efforts on the ‘bigger-ticket’ items that can most significantly impact our members, but we can’t lose sight of some lesser known, but equally impactful ideas as they percolate in different cities and states. A perfect example is currently being deliberated in New York City, where the City Council is considering a ‘just cause’ employment proposal. Just cause, a term and idea that sprang from tenant advocate groups in the context of rental housing issues, would establish a finite number of ‘just’ causes for which an employer could terminate an employee for cause. The initiative is mostly the work of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the group largely credited with developing and funding the Fight for $15 effort. The New York City proposal, presently only applicable to the fast food industry, limits terminations for cause to a finite number of “just causes” and then allows the terminated employee to challenge the termination. The employer must then prove that the termination was valid and undertaken for a ‘just cause’! Reports indicate that Seattle, Washington and Austin, Texas are considering similar measures.