Although most businessmen and women during the past three months of the coronavirus pandemic have rightly focused on keeping their business operating or how to get their business back in operation when the shutdown ends, some in government have continued to focus their energies on what new dictates they can legislate on others. Washington DC is a good example. While we were watching the coronavirus, the District passed two new ordinances with which businesses should be aware – the Leave to Vote Amendment Act and the Transportation Benefits Equity Amendment Act. Leave to Vote requires businesses within DC to provide all employees – regardless of the state in which the employee lives – with two hours of paid leave so that the worker can vote.  A posting of a notice on this ordinance will be required when the ordinance becomes effective, which the City Council hopes will be no later than October 1. The second ordinance, the Transportation Benefits Equity, requires employers to encourage their workers to use public transportation in order to minimize private vehicle commuting into the District. Further, and here’s where the “equity” part comes in – if an employer offers a “parking benefit” (such as free or subsidized parking), then the employer must also offer one of the following “Clean-air Transportation Fringe Benefits” in lieu of and at least equal to the amount of, the parking benefit: 1) employer-provided mass transportation; 2) a transit pass; or 3) a bicycle commuting reimbursement.