Talking about Other People’s Money, the state of West Virginia has a completely different view of the propriety of spending tax dollars without regard to the taxpayer. This past week, the West Virginia House of Delegates adopted 11 articles of impeachment against all four remaining justices of the state Supreme Court. The fifth justice resigned before the impeachment articles could be approved, while one of the four (Justice Robin Davis) announced her retirement after the impeachment articles were passed. The House Judiciary Committee had approved 14 articles of impeachment against the justices, but the full House only adopted 11. The judges’ troubles began last year when it came to light they had spent $3 million renovating their offices. All four judges were impeached for failing to carry out their administrative duties; three were charged with paying retired senior judges more than allowed by law; two were cited for improperly renovating their offices and one was also charged with improperly using state vehicles and computers. The case now goes to the state Senate, which will decide whether to remove the justices.