Fresh on the heels of the decision by US District Court judge William Stickman that Governor Tom Wolf’s limits on indoor and outdoor gatherings, business shutdowns and stay-at-home mandates were unconstitutional, the Pennsylvania legislature passed its own measures relaxing some of the restriction the governor announced for bars and restaurants in the Keystone State. Despite his judicial defeat, Wolf this week announced that he would veto HB 2513, a bipartisan bill that would significantly loosen restrictions for restaurant service by bumping indoor limits back up to 50 percent of capacity, eliminating the current requirement for a meal purchase before alcoholic beverage service can be provided and allowing patrons to sit at the bars again. Interestingly, in his statement promising to veto the legislation, the governor points to the recent report from the CDC claiming adults who reported dining at a restaurant were twice as likely to have a positive COVID-19 case. Yes, that is the same report – with the five self-admitted limitations – that I just wrote about in the prior paragraph! No doubt that is why President Trump often refers to such reporting as “Fake News”! Getting back to the court ruling on the Governor’s unconstitutional limits on gatherings, business shutdowns and stay-at-home mandates, Judge Stickman rejected his request for a stay while an appeal is pending since the state hadn’t shown a likelihood over prevailing. Consequently, those restrictions are not in effect during the appeal, nor are they enforceable anywhere in Pennsylvania!