Tax Policies and Economic Outlook: How does your state rate?

Why does Utah rank on top in U.S. economic outlook, while Vermont is on the bottom? When you examine the tax policies of the United States, you can draw certain conclusions about how taxes and regulations impact small business owners. According to a recent study from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a pro-business partnership…

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Missouri Says Cut Taxes, Sort Of

Missouri Democrats this week answered the tax cut question by announcing they have filed their own tax relief bill that will cut taxes for the majority of Missourians – but increase them on “the wealthiest”.  Last year, a tax cut bill passed the legislature but was vetoed as being too favorable to ‘wealthy businesses’ by…

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Shutdown Impacts Taxman!

The recent government shutdown had far-reaching implications in many areas of our economy, even reaching and impacting the Internal Revenue Service!  But alas, that impact was not what you would have hoped . . . the IRS this past week announced that as a result of the shutdown over the first 3 weeks of October,…

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Wyoming Business

Tax Foundation Puts New York Last For Tax Climate

Washington-based tax research group The Tax Foundation has released its annual State Business Tax Climate Index for 2014.  The report, as reported by the  Albany Business Journal, ranks New York state as being the worst business tax environment in the country.  Wyoming topped the list as the most tax favorable state in the union.  The…

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Maine Administration Eyes Eliminating County-based Taxes

Staunchly small government advocate and Maine Governor Paul LePage has his administration thinking outside the box as far as how to shrink government and relieve some of the pressure on Maine’s taxpayers.  They are currently looking at eliminating an array of county-based taxes across the state.

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Governor Signs North Carolina Tax Overhaul

We advised last week that the NC legislature had passed a complete overhaul of their tax code.  This week, we can officially tell you that Governor Pat McCrory signed the bill into law this past Tuesday.  The new tax code provides an array of tax cuts for businesses and individual tax payers.

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What’s Brewing: Sick Leave, Meals Tax, Soda Ban, Payroll Tax

The ins and outs of keeping your Dunkin’ Donuts afloat are enough to fill your days and maybe even your nights, but the government likes to add to your challenges. With laws and regulations involving paid sick leave, higher payroll taxes and added meals taxes, Uncle Sam is putting his two cents into your business.…

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Time to renovate or remodel your Dunkin Donuts shop?

Time to renovate or remodel your shop?

Depending on where you are in your renovation/remodel cycle, now might be the time to remodel. Senators Bob Casey (D-Pa.) and John Cornyn (R-Texas) have introduced a bill to make permanent a 15-year tax depreciation schedule for restaurant improvements and new construction, leasehold improvements and retail improvements. The bill would allow restaurateurs, landlords and other…

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Independent Joe Magazine – June 2013

As we enter into the summer months, we look forward with anticipation to barbeques, sun-filled days, beaches, vacations – and plans to attend the DDIFO National Conference.

For the last few years, the conference was held at the Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort in Uncasville, Connecticut and the speaking outline for the conference was kept under wraps until Labor Day. That all changes this year.

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A virtual cup of coffee with DDIFO Executive Director Ed Shanahan

June 8th, 2013 – Fair Franchising, Tax Reform, Swipe Fees

Inequities in Franchise Relationship Are A Global Issue – Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve reported on efforts to enact “fair franchising” legislation in Maine, California and Massachusetts.  Notwithstanding arguments by the IFA and others that infusing a more equitable balance into the franchise relationship would be devastating, the “land down under” now weighs…

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