Minimum wages aren’t the only legal requirements that will change come July 1, and you’ll want to double check on local and state requirements that may impact your business.  That said, we note that Universal Paid Leave in the Nations Capital will undergo some changes next month as the employers’ contributions will be reduced from 0.62% to 0.26% of an employee’s salary and the employee’s one-week waiting period will be eliminated, both effective July 1. Actual available leave for employees in the district will also increase from eight to twelve weeks, but not until October 1, 2022. Elsewhere regarding paid leave, as of July 1, 2022, every Connecticut employer is required to provide a written notice to employees detailing their right to job-protected leave under FMLA and the terms for such leave; their right to file claims for compensation under the state Paid Leave Act; the protections against retaliation; and the right to file a complaint with the Labor Commissioner. The state has developed a notice template that meets all of these requirements which an employer may use to comply.