It’s possible to next become law in Maryland as Governor Larry Hogan seems to be considering signing a paid sick leave mandate into law. That fact is worth noting given that Hogan had previously announced the proposal “dead on arrival”. The Governor had previously proposed his own paid sick leave bill that applied to 50 employees or more and used state tax credits for workers in smaller firms. The bill before him has a threshold of 15 employees and does not utilize any tax credits. The Vermont House of Representatives narrowly approved a paid family leave bill this week and sent it to the senate where it will most likely die when the session ends next week. The bill, which has been watered down significantly of late, would fund 80% of a worker’s pay for sick leave through a new 0.141 percent payroll tax. The Vermont legislative session is only funded through May 13, but could conceivably end it early as it did in 2016. Either way, the bill will likely not move before next January. Arlington Heights, a suburb of Chicago, has officially opted-out of the new Cook County minimum wage and paid leave ordinance. The village, with a population of 76,000, joins a number of neighboring communities within Cook County that have said ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to the county.