Liberal local communities continue their push to win and enforce their own paid leave mandates and the fights continue in courts in blue and red states. In Texas, state Attorney General Ken Paxton, who last year convinced the 3rd District Court of Appeals to strike down an Austin paid sick leave ordinance, prevailed again – this time against a San Antonio ordinance that even city officials agreed was “exceedingly similar” to the unconstitutional Austin ordinance. The state district court in Bexar County stayed implementation of the paid leave ordinance until December 1, 2019 pending adjudication of the legal challenge. In light of the success in court that Paxton has enjoyed on this issue, the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation this week filed a court challenge to the Dallas paid sick leave ordinance that was to take effect yesterday, August 1. That challenge was still pending at press time. Back east, the trend headed in a different direction as the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection filed suit against American Airlines last week claiming the company violated the city’s Paid Safe and Sick Leave Law. The city agency claims AA violated the law by requiring employees provide notice and medical documentation for leave and failing to pay sick leave at the required rates. The suit seeks $375,000 restitution for some 750 workers.