The push to add paid leave options in different states is staying in the forefront each week. Just yesterday, a public hearing was held in the New Hampshire state senate on House bill 628, legislation that would create a sick leave insurance plan with an opt-out option. As drafted, the insurance would provide up to 6 weeks of paid leave for employees who would pay a 0.67% premium on wages. And next door in the state of Vermont, a public hearing is scheduled to take place next Tuesday, April 10 before the Senate Economic Development Committee on a bill that passed the House last year, notwithstanding objections to the bill from Governor Phil Scott. The bill, House 196, would mandate 6 weeks of paid leave at 80% of salary for all workers. The mandate would be funded by a new income tax surcharge of 14 hundredths of 1 percent. And lastly, in the Steel City of Pittsburgh, city officials announced this week they will pursue enacting paid leave legislation that will allow for paid leave from work for individual victims of domestic abuse.