The July 4th holiday may be one we all look forward to, but please be aware that July 1st is the trigger date for a number of new minimum wage increases as well as paid leave mandates in cities, counties and states around the country. This following listing is nowhere near all-inclusive, but just some of which we are aware. Be sure to double check in your own communities to ensure you are in compliance with new dictates. Paid sick leave becomes mandatory next Saturday, July 1 in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota; it also is mandatory in Cook County unless you are located in one of the many Cook County communities that have formally opted out; Chicago did not opt out and its paid leave mandate takes effect on July 1; likewise, state mandates become effective next week in the states of Arizona and Georgia as well. On the subject of minimum wages, the July 1 trigger applies in Maryland (goes to $9.25),Oregon (increases to $10.25 on July 1), and the cities of Los Angeles – $12 for more than 25 employees and $10.50 for 25 or fewer; San Francisco – jumping to $14 an hour; Chicago increases to $11; Louisville, Kentucky even rises to $9.60/hour; while the nation’s capital is indexed to inflation and will increase as well on July 1. There are, no doubt many others with new mandates becoming effective on July 1 so, check with your attorneys.