US House leadership has introduced legislation that was to be voted yesterday that in the face of the coronavirus, would mandate paid sick leave for all Americans, among other provisions. As to the sick leave mandate, the initial draft of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act would mandate up to 14 days of paid sick leave for all employees, but the issue is so fast-moving that its provisions will likely change before a bill is passed. Congressional leadership claim to be working out differences with the Trump administration to ensure assistance to the affected workforce. At the state and local level, the New York state legislature is expected to vote as early as next week to mandate that employers with 4 or more workers provide 5 days of paid sick leave to all employees. Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has called for paid sick leave in his budget request, will amend his budget request to broaden the proposed coverage. About coronavirus patients, he has said that “employer[s] should pay them for the period of quarantine and their job should be protected.”  We’ll have to wait to see his latest proposal. The city of Pittsburgh will mandate paid sick leave beginning on Sunday, March 15 in accordance with a court decision rendered back in December. The city adopted a sick leave mandate in 2015, which was challenged in the courts by business interests. The state Supreme Court ruled in favor of Pittsburgh in December and that law becomes effective on Sunday.