It began back in 2006 when San Francisco mandated paid sick leave for every worker in the city at a rate of 1 hour paid leave earned for every 30 hours worked.  It was followed by Washington, DC and Milwaukee just 2 years later.  (The Milwaukee law was never implemented and after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a law prohibiting such municipal actions, the Milwaukee County Circuit Court has finally struck down the law as invalid.) The state of Connecticut became the first to mandate it statewide in 2011 with California and Massachusetts following suit last year (2014) along with an array of cities.  And in his State of the Union message, President Obama announced he’s pushing for it at the federal level and effectively declared that mandated sick leave is the 2015 “issue du jour” – and it will be fought in cities and towns as well as in state legislatures.  The City of Philadelphia along with the states of Maryland and New Jersey are all looking at implementing paid leave mandates this year as well.  On the positive side of the coin however, there are now 11 states that have laws on the books prohibiting local governments from mandating their own wages and sick leave policies.  Oklahoma joined this group in 2014.  Either way, expect more initiatives around the country seeking to dictate what small business must provide to its employees.