DDIFO Sponsor Advertorial

The law firm of Paris Ackerman & Schmierer defends franchisees in litigation filed by Dunkin’ Brands; provides legal counsel on succession planning, asset protection and estate planning; and has handled tens of millions of dollars of acquisitions and sales of Dunkin’ networks.

“We are intimately familiar with the franchise agreement and have a firm grasp on a number of the legal and operational issues that Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees face. Our positioning and experience with the Brand allows us to provide unparalleled legal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner,” said founding partner David S. Paris.

Among its current undertakings, the firm is handling 1031 asset exchanges, where franchise owners selling their networks can defer paying taxes on their gains.

Paris Ackerman & Schmierer offers free consultations and discounted rates to DDIFO members, and is beginning a program where, in certain situations, it will rebate a portion of clients’ legal fees to be applied toward DDIFO memberships.

For more information, contact David Paris at David@paslawfirm.com or (973) 228-6667, or visit www.paslawfirm.com