After working in banking for 19 years, Ken Blum found an expertise. He developed a specialty within the bank lending money to Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees. He began talking with one of his customers, partnered up and moved to Ohio to open his own Dunkin’ Donuts.

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He and his partners, Matt Doyle and Rob Branca, now have five locations that are open. They’re about to open their sixth store in Tallmadge and Parma Heights will be either store seven or store eight.

“We’re trying to save the existing building at the corner of York and Pearl roads. It’s the old Sunoco station. We’re going to save a big chunk of the building and put an addition on to it. Right now we’re looking at it being 2,600 square feet, which would be our largest Ohio store,” Blum said.

They will have an electric sign outside, which will communicate specials and treats going on inside the store, but also community events. And unlike any other store, this Dunkin’ Donuts will have a community room available to the public.

Blum said, “Because we’re trying to save the building, we have some extra space. We’re thinking of different ideas and at the planning commission, we like to put the electronic signs outside. One of the gentlemen asked if the town could use that sign from time to time. We said yes and on the way home I thought why not turn that extra space into a community room. We are close to the center of town.”

Blum said Parma Heights hits their sweet spot nicely. “Every business has a certain appeal to the public. We appeal to the middle 80 percent. The bottom 10 percent is going to brew their coffee at home or go to the cheapest possible Speedway or Getgo and just get their morning cup of coffee and they don’t care. The top 10 percent would not be caught dead in a Dunkin’ Donuts store. They want to be seen in some local cafe.”

This store will carry all the products available in the Dunkin’ Donuts repertoire and will have a drive-thru.

Blum hopes to break ground some time in June and open in the late fall.

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