We often highlight events and offerings from the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) in Small Regular No Sugar!, and regularly urge our members to support their efforts through donations to the CFA PAC, lobbying your representatives in Washington or attending other CFA events at the national level. At the same time, it is likely that many of our readers may not be as familiar with the organization as we’d like. Perhaps a quick overview would be helpful. CFA was created in 2007 by DDIFO and six other founding organizations. Its Articles of Incorporation charge the organization (among other responsibilities) with promoting the common interests of Independent Franchisee Associations, serving as a voice of franchisees and providing advocacy, education and member services. Today, 15 years after it began, CFA boasts a membership of 22 different franchisee associations that collectively represent almost 50,000 franchisees operating over 125,000 locations with approximately 3 million employees! CFA members represent hotel owners, fitness center franchisees, hair salon owners and automotive repair shops as well as convenience stores, business service franchisees, restaurants, sandwich shops and a broad array of other QSRs among others. Collectively, CFA is small business and it is leading the fight to protect the interests of franchisees in Washington DC and around the nation! As CFA continues to grow, its voice is strengthened and its authority to speak on franchisee-specific issues – as a national leader – is greatly enhanced!  We’re fortunate to have strong leadership in Chairman John Motta and the CFA staff and we’re fortunate to be represented at the national level by an organization that can effectively articulate those issues that are of greatest import to the franchise owner community within the Dunkin’ system and around the nation! A strong CFA strengthens you!