The federal Paycheck Fairness Act has been reintroduced in Congress for the current session, while another half-dozen state legislatures are considering similar mandates within their state borders. The federal legislation, filed by Connecticut Representative Rosa DeLauro, requires more transparency by companies regarding worker compensation and would also ban employers from asking applicants about their salary history. Furthermore, it would require that the government collect employer pay data and make it easier for workers to bring claims against employers. At the state level, legislation is now pending in Connecticut (Bill # 6380), Indiana (HB.1192), Massachusetts (HD.253), South Carolina (SB. 0514) and Virginia (SB.1228) that would in one form or other, require companies to provide salary information for jobs in hiring and for current workers to be able to access that information. California, Colorado, Maryland and the state of Washington already have laws on the books requiring that job applicants get a salary range if they request one.