With much fanfare last week, McDonalds announced that it had reached gender pay equity for its employees at its corporate US stores. In an emailed statement, the company declared that women in were currently paid 99.16% as much as men for comparable work and that in 2022 the company expects that globally, women will receive 99.85% of a man’s pay. The fly in that ointment however, is that the figures only apply to 7% of the Golden Arches, since 93% of the system is franchised and wages from the franchised locations were not included in the analysis. In another wage related announcement, Starbucks, which claimed it had achieved gender pay equity back in 2018, announced that it will be increasing store level wages again in late January.  For employees with two or more years of experience, the company plans to boost wages by 5% while those with 5 years in could see as much as a 10% hike in pay. The company said that its average hourly employee wage nationally is just under $17 per hour.