Some number of months ago, it started as a prohibition on employers asking job applicants their salary history. Since that time, it has been transformed into the latest progressive campaign to right past wrongs and it now goes by the name Pay Equity. Oregon is the latest state to enact a Pay Equity Law when Governor Kate Brown signed House bill 2005 earlier this month. The law expands the protections afforded members of a protected class and now prohibits different rates of pay for comparable work unless such differential is based on a bona fide factor such as seniority, merit or production-related systems (location, travel, training, etc). Further, the law prohibits employers from inquiring about past salary history and from determining compensation based on an employee’s past compensation!  Oregon now joins California, New York, Massachusetts and Maryland as states that have recently expanded their pay equity laws, while a similar pay equity expansion was recently advanced by the New Jersey Senate Labor committee.