Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf had asked the legislature to reach a compromise and present him with a bill increasing the state minimum wage. The legislature couldn’t agree by the deadline Governor Wolf set and the state regulatory apparatus flexed its muscle. The state labor department proposed new increased salary thresholds for overtime exemption and the Pennsylvania Independent Regulatory Review Commission adopted them last week by a vote of 3-2. Consequently, state regulations now mandate that the state overtime threshold for 2020 is set at $35,568 annually. Further, that threshold will increase in each of the next two years to $40,560 on January 1, 2021 and $45,500 annually one year later on January 1, 2022. Subsequently, the rate will be set at an amount equal to the 10th percentile of all Pennsylvania workers who work in such exempt jobs. A number of questions still exist however in that the legislature could undo the regulation with legislation, or if they meet the governor’s compromise demand, he may order the department to rescind the new overtime rule. Stay tuned for more info.