Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, requiring responsible franchise practices; conferring powers and duties upon the Department of Community and Economic Development; and establishing remedies and penalties.

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The House Consumer Affairs Committee of the Pennsylvania Legislature will hear public testimony next Tuesday, November 19 at 9:30 AM on HB 1620 in Room 140 of the Main Capital Building in Harrisburg.  Click here to write to the committee members and to ask their support of HB 1620.  If any franchise owners would be available to testify in person, it would be of great help to the effort, but know that DDIFO will be there testifying on your behalf nonetheless. The bill, filed by Representative Peter Daley, aims to protect franchisees from “fraudulent or unfair practices in the sale or operation of franchised businesses.” Among others, the provisions contained in the bill require franchisors to act in good faith and with the highest standard of due care.  It also protects franchisees from significant changes in renewals, limits on transfers and restriction on legal avenues in regards to franchisor-franchisee disputes.  We will advise you on the hearing and any further movement of the proposal.