Department of Labor Secretary Tom Perez made headlines over the past week on two different occasions and with two different issues.  First, he joined activists, elected officials and others to endorse legislation that was newly introduced by Washington Senator Patty Murray and Virginia Congressman Bobby Scott.  The so-called “Raise the Wage Act” would increase the federal minimum wage to $12/hour over the next 5 years and index it thereafter to inflation.  It would also eliminate the tipped wage for wait staff.  Perez followed up his endorsement of the Murray-Scott legislation by publishing a blog yesterday in which he spoke to ongoing DOL efforts to amend the rules governing eligibility and payment of overtime.  In that context, he wrote that the rule has eroded leaving “millions of salaried workers . . . without the guarantee of time and a half pay for the extra hours they spend on the job . . .”  And, this all came to pass during National Small Business Week, which the country “celebrated” this week!!