Performance-Business-Solutions_logo_taglineFor nearly 14 years, Performance Business Solutions (PBS) has helped franchise owners reduce expenses and increase profits.

Through Cost Segregation studies, PBS works with franchisees to accelerate depreciation and reduce taxes on new and existing buildings. PBS has completed close to 1,000 studies on Dunkin’ properties.

PBS also helps franchisees reduce energy expenses. By installing more efficient HVAC systems, many shops have seen 25-30% drops in related costs. Energy Auctions enable franchisees to pool energy supply needs with other businesses to gain buying power through greater volume purchases. The average Dunkin’ shop could see an electricity rate reduction of 12-22%. Ongoing access to energy data allows owners to easily measure savings.

“Our best testimonial is when franchisees call us back for a Cost Segregation upon a remodel. It shows they trust us to deliver those tax savings,” said PBS owner Jeff Hiatt. “When it comes to Energy Auctions, the best is when clients renew year after year because the results have proven better than ‘stand alone’ pricing.” more information, visit or contact Jeff Hiatt at or 508-878-4846.