When it comes to enlisting accounting and financial consulting services, you want to choose a well-established firm that offers a wide range of services and that has a solid background working with franchises. You also want to know that you will be treated as a priority, receiving all of the personalized attention you need and deserve. Look no further than DDIFO Sponsor Bederson & Company, LLP.

In business for 75 years, Bederson is an award-winning, nationally recognized company whose staff possesses impressive credentials and a proven track record few can match. Not only does the firm have a rich history of serving small business and entrepreneurial clients; it also has a solid commitment to providing the highest level of personal service. As a client, you will have direct access to and interactions with a team of senior staff and partners who work with you based on your individual needs and their according areas of expertise.

“Our senior staff and partners are all incredibly hands-on, available and invested,” said Partner and CPA Steve Bortnick. “We care about the whole person and focus on his or her business and life goals. Our team works together to offer insightful, sound advice and financial strategies that are based on years of experience but customized to each individual.”

Chuck Persing and Steve Bortnick

Chuck Persing and Steve Bortnick

Bederson is a full-service accounting and financial consulting firm headquartered in West Orange, NJ and offers services in such areas as:
• Accounting & Auditing
• Business Valuations
• Mergers, Acquisitions & Capital Financing
• Tax, Estate & Financial Planning
• Insolvency, Reorganization, Turnaround & Litigation

While Bederson just came on board last year as a DDIFO Sponsor, the company has worked with more than a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners in recent years. Throughout its history serving numerous franchisee clients, Bederson has developed a niche in franchisee/franchisor issues. Its staff understands the pressures of living up to franchise agreements and all of the financial intricacies those contracts involve. What’s more, partners Steve Bortnick and Chuck Persing have unique perspectives relevant to the DDIFO community: Bortnick helped to run a family business, and Persing is a former Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owner.

“Combining our own owner/operator experience, working with Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees to resolve disputes in and out of court, and preparation of valuations for estate planning and sales purposes makes Bederson an ideal partner to team up with DDIFO,” said Persing. “This experience, along with decades of having provided accounting and tax service to entrepreneurial family-run businesses, adds to the capability Bederson brings to the DDIFO community.”

When you engage Bederson’s services, the process typically begins with interviews and face-to-face meetings. The firm then gathers more concrete information such as prior tax returns and records, franchise agreements, litigation paperwork and history, and the like. Then an engagement letter is developed detailing the terms of your work together, including deliverables, timeframes, budgets and billing. Bederson’s staff works hand-in-hand with other involved entities like insurance agents, lawyers, other accountants and financial advisors, and lending and real estate agents and brokers.

Bederson has just re-launched its website to provide improved information and online services. In addition to the basics about each of the firm’s areas of service, you will find:
• practical financial tools (Events Calendar with important dates like state and federal tax deadlines, Tax Forms Library, IRS Tax Publications Library, Client Tax Organizer, interactive financial calculators)
• a downloadable company brochure
• a secure client login with file-share access
• live Reuters newsfeeds
• a press section with relevant articles and whitepapers
• a sign-up form for the Bederson e-newsletter (to launch later in 2011)

Whether analyzing your profitability and cash flow, preparing your business or individual tax returns, advising you on financing agreement terms or depreciation tax benefits, or providing dispute resolution services, Bederson has the experience and know-how you need to succeed.

“As newcomers to the DDIFO Sponsor program, my firm and I are energized by the commitment of the organization and its members to maximize the opportunities presented by this vibrant and iconic American brand,” said Bortnick. “We appreciate the opportunity to help support the success of the franchise owners in reaching their business and personal goals.”

For more information, contact Steve Bortnick at 973-736-3333 or sbortnick@bederson.com, or visit www.bederson.com. Bederson & Company will also be represented at the National Members Meeting in September and the Mid-Atlantic (IAFO) Meeting in December.