Speaking of Pennsylvania, there appears to be some good news coming out of the City of Brotherly Love lately – file under the heading: Man Bites Dog!  Specifically, we refer to the recent implementation of the Business Owners Bill of Rights. The effort is positioned as a commitment by the city of Philadelphia to improve the services it offers and provides to small business owners throughout the city. Released at the end of October, the Bill of Rights promises efficient customer service to business owners and assistance with the plethora of regulations, licenses, inspections, and taxes to which Philadelphia businesses are customarily subjected. According to some of the BOR documents produced by the city, business owners are told to expect respectful, efficient and timely services as well as an increase in the assistance they receive from the full array of municipal departments in City Hall. That said, we note that the website for the BOR is still under construction and was last updated October 30. If the BOR becomes real, it could provide a significant boost for Philadelphia businesses, but we’ll wait and see. Seeing is believing!