Speaking of an anti-business bent, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney did as expected this week and signed the new Fair Workweek ordinance into law. The law, modeled in many ways after New York City’s predictive scheduling mandate, requires businesses with 250 employees and more than 30 locations worlwide (franchises included) to give at least 10 days’ advance notice of work schedules to employees, and further dictates “predictability pay” should the employer change a worker’s schedule within that limited time frame. In addition, as its New York counterpart also does, the law provides that employers must offer additional hours to existing part-time employees before hiring additional help. Philadelphia’s new Fair Workweek law will not become effective until January 1, 2020, so that the city Office of Labor Relations can develop the processes and procedures for enforcing the mandate. The New York law is subject to a legal challenge brought by small business interests. That challenge is still pending.