A federal judge this week dismissed a lawsuit challenging the Philadelphia Wage Equity law brought by the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia. The legislation, which prohibits employers from asking a prospective employee about their salary history, was passed by the city council last year and signed into law in January by Mayor Jim Kenney. The Philadelphia Chamber decided to challenge it and filed their action in April as an entity in its own right without any other plaintiff. The city then alleged that the Chamber lacked standing to bring the suit and the court agreed. The Wage Equity law was scheduled to take effect on May 23, but was postponed in light of the then-pending court challenge.  Whether the Chamber appeals the decision or files an amended complaint adding an impacted business as an additional plaintiff remains to be seen. When it becomes effective now hinges on further court action. Last year, two states – California and Massachusetts – added Wage Equity laws to their books, but there are currently 25 states plus the District of Columbia considering some version or other.